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June 3, 2015


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10645187_787448431319791_3467919466782331955_nHello and welcome to our JSAC blog!

Veterinary staff are always searching for new ways to interact with our clients. One of our biggest and toughest jobs is education. Let’s face it, WE ARE NERDS. We LOVE reading the latest and greatest information about tick-borne diseases, surgical techniques, and treatments for diarrhea! Even when we aren’t at work, we’re cruising the aisles of the pet store and trying to save turtles from busy highways. Animals are our lives. After working in a veterinary setting for over 10 years, I can say with confidence that veterinary professionals lose their sense of “gross.”

My hope is that this blog can be a real “down & dirty” way to communicate with clients. I hope you guys can look past the gross factor and see the same fascinating truths about veterinary medicine that we have all learned to love. Everyday is an adventure. We’re all on this crazy ship together striving to make animal’s lives better!

I like to think that the staff here at JSAC all have a pretty good sense of humor and we all share a pretty close knit relationship. We love to extend this type of relationship with our clients. If you plan to follow our blog, please be prepared for nerdy, veterinary, superhero-esque, strange, and at times humorous posts.

Finally, it is sometimes hard to predict what you guys want to know more about and what you don’t. If ya’ll don’t want to hear about our morning, where several of us were covered in anal gland secretions….I guess I can understand that….sort of. Please tell us what topics interest you! Let us allow our veterinary educational nerdy side to break free! (Pretty sure it’s not good to keep that stuff trapped inside for long periods of time anyway…it may abscess.)


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